STANLEY Comb. pliers- 165 mm/Half rd long nose - 160 mm/Diag. wire cutting- 175 mm/Wire stripper- 170 mm Pliers 4-84-489

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Introducing an excellent set of VDE pliers from Stanley Fat Max consists of 4 high-quality pieces made from high-grade forged and corrosion protected high chrome steel. The bi-materials handles ensure a firm yet comfortable grip and ease user fatigue in prolonged use coupled with smooth operation. Stanley VDE plier set, individually tested to 10000 V and approved for working around live circuits. This set consisting of the most commonly used pliers is an excellent choice for those users who require a quality set from professionals (Electricians) to general DIY' er as they are essential tools to have handy.


• The bi-material handle provides the comfort to use the tool and reduces hand fatigue
• Safe live line working to 1,000 V; Individually tested to 10,000v
• Cutting edge high-frequency heat treated with hand ground finish for high-quality accurate cutting performance
• Heat treated high carbon steel forging for long life and durability
• Combination pliers - ideal for gripping and cutting
• Diagonal Piano wire cutting pliers - ideal for cutting copper wire, aluminum and piano wire
• Meet ANSI specification
• Interlocking joint assembly for smooth cutting
• Slimline design with a high precision finish

Typical Applications:

Pliers are hand tools designed for a wide range of applications. Pliers, in general, are used for gripping, holding, twisting, bending, or even cutting materials such as wires. Pliers are commonly used by professionals e.g. electricians, plumbers, carpenters, gas engineers, car mechanics and all DIY enthusiasts.

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