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What is a sample checklist for basic electrical safety?


Inspect Cords and Plugs

  • Check extension cords and plugs daily. Do not use, and discard if worn or damaged. Have any extension cord that feels more than comfortably warm checked by an electrician.

  • Eliminate Octopus Connections

    • Do not plug several items into one outlet.
    • Pull the plug, not the cord.
    • Do not disconnect power supply by pulling or jerking the cord from the outlet. Pulling the cord causes wear and may cause a shock.

    Never Break OFF the Third Prong on a Plug

  • Replace broken 3-prong plugs and make sure the third prong is properly grounded.
  • Never Use Extension Cords as Permanent Wiring

    • Use extension cords only to temporarily supply power to an area that does not have a power outlet.
    • Keep extension cords away from heat, water and oil. They can damage the insulation and cause a shock.
    • Do not allow vehicles to pass over unprotected extension cords. Extension cords should be put in protective wireway, conduit, pipe or protected by placing planks alongside them.



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