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  • IMPACT GLOVES - X7 [[product_type]]
  • IMPACT GLOVES - X7 [[product_type]]
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  • The product provides good abrasion resistance, cut resistance for any Industrial Environment.
  • Full finger and backhand shock absorbing thermoplastic rubber protection.
  • Contrasting high visibility materials.
  • PVC Anti-slip patches and double wishbone palm with neoprene padding for vertical impact protection.
  • Shock absorbing with thermoplastic rubber protection on full fingers & backhand.
  • Kevlar lining increase cut resistance. 
  • Crushing, pinching, cut and puncture hazards make up most of the serious injuries sustained by workers, so we have introduced Impact gloves to protect the workers.
  • Back-of-the-hand impact protection are most commonly used for all industrial environment.
  • Our impact gloves feature dense thermo-plastic pads, strategically placed along the back of the hand to provide maximum cushioning which will not impeding hand functioning


Test Type Level
Abrasion 4
Cut 4
Tear 4
Puncture 3


Product Details:
Impact protection gloves help to reduce the risk of back of the hand impact and abrasion injury. rigman impact gloves represents the best of todays technology, an extremely tough synthetic leather that is washable, breathable, light weight and more durable.

  • Special TPR and neoprene reinforcements on the back of the hand and fingers provide shock absorbing and abrasion protection while anti-slip patches and palm padding help with tool grip which while absorbing impacts.
  • Mud Grip Synthetic leather palm
  • PVC Anti-Slip patches and double wishbone palm with neoprene padding for vertical impact protection.
  • Better Impact protection and shock absorbing with thermoplastic rubber protection on Full finger & backhand.
  • Contrasting High Visibility coloring materials for easier signaling.
  • Pre-curved finger design is designed to follow the natural contours of the hand, lessening hand fatigue, increasing hand control overall, preventing common hand strain injuries like cut and impact.
  • Fully sewn with high tenacity thread.
  • Self-tightening elasticized cuff.
  • High absorbency terry cloth bro wipe.

High Visibility Orange and Yellow

Medium, Large & 2XL

Packing Details:
1 Pair / Pkt

Industrial Application:
Civil, Heavy Construction, Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Marine, Mechanical Construction, Manufacturing, Extraction & Refining


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