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Lockout Padlock

Paprsky Safety Lockout padlock are available in range of colours to increase visibility and allow workers to readily see if a device is isolated. Padlock with  numbering speciality on locks and keys. 

Lockout Tag out devices are a safety procedure commonly used in industries which involve heavy machinery and equipment. They ensure dangerous machines are properly isolated and shut off by placing them in such a position that the power sources cannot be turned on and not started up again until the completion of servicing or maintenance work.

Top-Quality padlocks Offer Enhanced Security Features with 10-pin tumbler cylinders.

Maximum security laminated padlocks are made for tough lockout situations. Shackle is made of a special stainless  steel for increased durability against cutting, prying and twisting. They have 10-pin tumbler cylinders for additional keying options. They are available in store in all colors. 



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